About GCWC


This 9000 square foot facility features: full locker facilities, FLEX resistance training machines, cardiovascular machines, exercise classes, basketball, volleyball, and education/informational programs.

Our Mission

To provide superior services though motivating, educating and encouraging participants to have the tools for a healthy lifestyle.
The Giles County Wellness Center team will strive to provide a safe environment for individuals and families.

Director – Adam Harman

16 Years Competitive Power Lifter

I enjoy nothing more than the chance to help someone change their life!I have trained a wide spectrum of ages, from 12 on up to the age of 78 and have helped people enhance their quality of life with weight loss as well as corrective exercise.

After rehab from a ACL injury and surgical repair I really wanted the chance to help people the same way my therapists helped me. I quickly became certified and it has been my passion since then. Let me show you how my passion for exercise can help change your life!